A Runners Lifestyle

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Remember when people who ran did it for pure pleasure and to keep fit? Not anymore, it has become more of a sociable activity to have an excuse to meet up with your friends so you can chat about all the non important things that are going on in your life and have a nice cup of chai tea afterwards while posting a selfie describing how good you feel after that intense workout.

All you need is your limbs and maybe your shoes to have a jog around the block right? Wrong, nowadays you have to have the latest athletic gear and luminous shorts and shoes coupled with the latest iPhone 6 sport waist band to really look like you are going for a run. The boom of the healthy lifestyle has almost become more of a fashion statement with companies capitalizing on the fancy environmental friendly products they love to sell to you. Your run won’t count if you don’t post about it on social media seem to be the norm these days.

However they are those who seem to love being healthy and don’t need a fancy tablet waist band. They are doing it for the right reasons and seem to enjoy doing it. That’s the difference between the posers and the people who have genuine love for living that healthy lifestyle. They will have much more success in living a healthy and longer life as they have a passion for it and actually want to do it, not just practicing the lifestyle because all their friends are doing it and they feel left out. If you’re of those who have to post a selfie every time you put your stylish fitness gear on, why don’t you have a real go at it? Set goals and genuinely work hard at what you’re trying to achieve, whether it be getting a better body or lowering that high cholesterol, set a goal and achieve it. You will definitely reap the rewards and understand that you don’t need to be a fashionable fitness freak and just do it for the love of staying healthy.

Hopefully these fitness posers is just a phase for the generation and they actually make an effort of trying to live a healthy life, just like when Muay Thai and lumo parties were a phase. The days of banting and cross fit are upon and in no means are bad phases, but if you’re going to join a cross fit gym or start a banting diet make sure you do it properly and that you want to do it, not because you feel judged because you’re not part of the trend.